Savingstoyou Ebay store - wrong shipment and refund lies

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I recently bought a pair of jeans from savingstoyou on ebay. They did not say that the jeans had a Jr. on the label, though they were a size 9. I have the exact type of jeans already that do not have a jr. on the label: that is what I wanted.

Anyway, I left a neg. feedback, be that right or wrong to do. The store emailed me twice offering a refund if I would retract the feedback. I did retract, and of course now say that because they are in the right, there is no refund offer. When confronted about the 2 emails that offered a refund, they said they thought I was someone else.

Lies evidently are a good way to maintain 100% positive feedback.


Midland, Michigan, United States #6173

Hi, I buy size 9 Jeans for my daughter and they are only sold in the jr's dept. They do not sell size 9 in anything but a jr size.I don't understand the problem? :? Sally Austin TX

Midland, Michigan, United States #6169

When buying items on ebay consumers should always contact the seller before leaving feedback if there is a mistake in the listing.Leaving feedback without prior communication is what many new buyers to e-bay make the mistake and it hurts all members of e-bay and is against their rules.With that said,I have been a member and a seller for over 10 years and have done business with this seller and have had excellent communication and service well above the bar of other sellers.

As well as many others on e-bay. Sometimes we need to consider the sources,that there are buyers trying to get items for free by leaving hurts all ebayers,and this is most likly the case.

E-bay is 99.99% good buyers and sellers,this just happens to be the negative .01% Don't let this keep you from enjoying e-bay.Thanks Jill :) :)

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